I like writing. It’s almost embarrassing how much I like writing. These are some things I’ve written.

More current…

The Not-So-Simple Life

Since January 2010, I’ve been writing a column called The Not-So-Simple Life for The Simplifier newsletter (see below). You can find an archive of all my columns so far here at Project Simplify’s website. I’ve also got a hyperlinked list of them here at my site.

The Little Things

In January 2009, I launched an online editorial comic called The Little Things. While I draw as well as write the comic, when you see it you will probably understand why I filed this under “Writing” rather than creating an art or drawing category for it.

The Simplifier

For 100 issues and nearly 4 years, I was co-editor and a writer for The Simplifier (formerly The Weekly Simplifier), an e-newsletter published by Project Simplify. I authored all the sections titled “In the News”, “Featured at ProjectSimplify.com”, and “Keep Smiling” over the years, as well as two feature articles, and a handful of the introductory Notes.

I continue to write for The Simplifier, in the form of my column The Not-So-Simple Life (see above).

Less Current…



I write poems sometimes, and I used to write them quite a bit. You can dig into them here.

Political and Opinion Writing



Old Extended Blog Entries:

Old Business and Copywriting Examples

Crazy Shiznit

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